LAPAROSCOPIC SINGLE INCISION SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY, Laparoscopic hearnia & galbladder surgery, Laparoscopic Roux N Y Gastric Bypass Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass






FBS (AHMD), FALBS (BELGIUM). He learnt single incision surgeries and metabolic surgeries
from Taiwan.


He is the Head of Bariatric and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries at Vikram Hospital Bengaluru.


Specialised in Minimally Invasive Bariatric, Single Incision Bariatric, Metabolic Surgeries & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries.


Bariatric and Advanced Laparoscopic surgeon.

Specialised in performing
Laparoscopic Hernia Repairs,
Galllbladder Surgery,
Laparoscopic Fundoplication,
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy and
Pancreatic surgery.



  • Saleem Javed
    This is one of the upcoming trend and very healthy along side the quick recovery. Dr Moinuddin is doing a fantastic job by helping the society in controlling obesity.
    Saleem Javed
  • Trishala Shalz
    I am glad I received this surgery from Dr. Moinoddin. I wanted to talk about the excellent care I received. Your staff is amazing and they were so attentive to all my needs. I am extremely impressed with the level of care I received, kindness, and compassion of your staff. Very impressed with everything. All procedures is done in an organized and skillful manner. Very Good at putting me at ease. Thank you!!
    Trishala Shalz
  • Noor Fathima
    He is a very well experienced doctor. Dr. Moin operated my mum in law, bypass gastronomy. She was 127 kilos and gradually reducing. It’s a treat talking to him, he explains everything so well and makes us feel so comfortable, unlike others. We did our research with other doctors and hospitals in the same regard prior to meeting Dr. Moin and finalized with him coz we could trust him. Thank you so very much, Dr Moin.
    Noor Fathima
  • Mohammed Rafiulla
    (My wife underwent Bariatric Surgery and I am Happy to Share her experience) I (Mrs.Rafiulla) was struggling with my weight since 9 year. In this time i tried everything like crashed diet, 1200 kal diet, Gym, walking everything. With all above treatment i used to loose weight but after some time again back to gain with the same amount i reduced. Sometimes even more. Finally i convinced my self to go with gas sleeve surgery. I watched thousands of YouTube video, read many peoples effects and side effects everything related to surgery. I noticed major problem people facing after surgery is nausea and vomiting so i was worried about it. I was not able to come on conclusion whether i should go under knife or not. Luckily, when i search on Google about best bariatric surgeon i found Dr. G.Moinoddin as best surgeon till now. When i searched about him i came across he has done his practice under well trained pioneer doctors and dealt with many cases. He is young but not less in experience in his field. He is having art and potential to learn new technologies to minimise the patients pain, tention and risk. He is best in his field as he do surgery in artistic way that i personally didn't gone through nausea and vomiting problem which is main side effects of this surgery. This may be because he performs surgery with his perfectionist. After surgery also he have very nice approach towards his all patients Which makes him different from other doctors. He answers on WhatsApp whenever i msg him. Because being patient we have many queries after surgery what to do not to do. Eat etc etc. But Dr. G.Moinoddin replies whenever he sees msg. Today after 15days of surgery i have lost my 8kg of weight. Yet i am not feeling any side effects like nausea vomiting or others which i have seen on YouTube videos. I am completely normal like before and happy as my body is loosing weight. I made right decision by trusting on a person like a Dr. Moinoddin who is very kind, gentle with all his patient's and best in his work
    Mohammed Rafiulla
  • Khuteja Tanveer
    Dr. Moinoddin is one of the best doctors I have come across. I personally feel I made a right decision in believing in him. He is way too friendly. He helps you clear all your doubts. He is clear in what he speaks. He'll guide you when ever you need him. Very responsive. We as patients expect from the doctors to help us get out of dilemmas. He is the one who'll not only help you get out of a dilemma, but also guide you when ever you feel the need of right guidance. He is one of the best bariatric surgeon. He is a doctor who can be trusted upon.
    Khuteja Tanveer
  • Dhriti Dwivedi
    Dr Moinoddin is undoubtably the best surgeon in this field.. apart from being an expert at laproscopic surgeries, he is also great with patients, listens to their problems, and suggests appropriate solutions..his surgeries come with no-pain, no-nausea, fast recovery post-op experience.. he is very responsive, and answers all queries (no matter how small) with the details requested for.. thank you, Dr Moinoddin for all that you do!
    Dhriti Dwivedi
  • sachin kuttan
    Dr.moinoddin is a true gem , I am so glad that I met him and got the opportunity to be treated by him for my super obesity, he so confident and highly skilled , I just got my bariatric surgery done by him and he did it so smoothly that I already feel much better , he is so patient friendly and the best anyone can ask for , I will recommend Dr.moinudin to anyone any day , such a great doctor may god bless him more and more , thankyou so much for treating me doctor you are my new Hero!!!
    sachin kuttan
  • swailem alkinad
    It is a great pleasure to send the highest thanks and appreciations to Dr. G. Moinoddin for his hard and successful efforts in the eradication of gallbladder, which reached its worst conditions without the care of Allah, Almighty and then Dr. Moinoddin's intervention in a timely manner. It was a very hard and difficult operation, but his dedication and skillfullness in his specialization in surgery and binoculars was reflected very positively on the success of the operation. Special thanks to Dr. Naveed, who introduced me to Dr. Moinoddin .. Swailem Alqahtani,
    swailem alkinad
  • Seham Khan
    Dr. Moinoddin a young passionate confident and experienced surgeon and the most important approachable doctor helped me gain confidence in myself and get treated by him with no regrets Allahamdulillah I wish him all the success in future endeavors. Keep up the great work Dr. your friendliness is something unique that makes your patients so relaxed and confident. Stay blessed always.
    Seham Khan
  • suleiman omar
    A masterclass doctor on a different planet. A doctor who gives u hop,confidence, comfort, and happiness in your life.A surgeon who goes extra mile to give his patient success in their future. DON'T miss a chance to see the biatratic doctor. Mr moinoddin.AVOID REGRETTS. Am praying for u for world records achievements ,awards and recognition.
    suleiman omar
  • fatima Albaz
    A dedicated, passionate and highly skilled surgeon. His hands got miraculous recovery magic. I am thankful to God to guide me to See Dr. Moinoddin who helped me to understand the importance of healthy body and made sure that I was doubtless to undergo the surgery. I was 98 Kgs when I consulted him,and in a week after the surgery I lost 5 kgs. He was true to his words,that "everything will be alright,and you will LOOSE Weight". From motivational and informative consultation to well performed surgery,and from surgery to a never ending doc-patient relationship is what is Dr Moinoddin is best at. Thank you from the bottom of my heart doctor.
    fatima Albaz
  • Mueen Sultana
    Hi, I wasn’t happy with my weight gain and wanted to reduce weight. I contacted Dr. Moinuddin for a consultation to get a bariatic Surgery. he was a kind and knowledgeable person who answered all my questions. he gave me all the time I needed and made me feel comfortable. he explained the procedure in detail and answered all my questions that I had. I am thankful to everyone for their care, assistance in the treatment that gave me the desired look and also helped to boost my confidence level. I had always wished and prayed for an angel for her magic touch to make me more beautiful.. and I was not aware that God has considered my wish and sent one angel in the form of Dr Moinuddin.... I have been a patient since 15 September 2018 and my experience is awesome. Dr. Moinuddin is so kind and loyal for every patient and he is best surgeon in India because I got unexpected result... And one more thing special Thanks to all the staff of Gleneagles global hospital.. Thanks for love ,care and attention which I received from you all ( Reception staff, Nursing staff , catering/ Mess staff and medical staff). I would refer this establishment to anyone who is looking for quality customer service and great results in weight loss.
    Mueen Sultana
  • Meher Syed
    Dr. Moinoddin is an excellent bariatric surgeon .He is kind, understanding and prompt in his work. He is always available to his patients needs and a cheerful person. He treated my mother who weighed 100kgs and had almost given up hope on her health. She has lost 10kgs in a weeks time and now regained her lost confidence . Thank you so much for bringing back her confidence and smile on her face Dr.Moinoddin. It's a pleasure to have met you sir . May the almighty shower his blessings on you always. Please do help more and more people to live a healthy life.
    Meher Syed
    I'm khajapeer Bellary who has undergone the mini bypass surgery wit Dr Moinoddin really I'm very happy with Dr Moinoddin who has given me a new life my weight was 154 kgs after one week of surgery i have lost 13kgs my target is 60kgs in 6 month really once more I'm thankful to Dr Moinoddin his hand in very nice i am very happy after surgery he has given me a beautiful support and discussions before surgery after his discussions i have trust him he is good Dr really once more I'm thankful to Dr Moinoddin
  • Javairia Nousheen
    For such a young age, Dr. Moinuddin is quite accomplished. He's very well versed and renowned among his peers, and he makes sure that he is always updated with the advancements of the technology related to his specialty. Apart from his professional qualifications which in itself are very profound, personally too he maintains a calm and composed persona which is assuring to his patients. He remains accessible to his patients at all times, and keeps in touch with them for any queries they may have.
    Javairia Nousheen
  • jamshida naseem
    Dr. Moinuddin is one of the best Bariatic Surgeon in Bangalore. Though he is really young, but his experience and confidence in what he does makes the patients feel comfortable. He makes sure that he keeps himself updated with the latest technology related to his speciality. He is friendly and accessible to his patients at all times and be in touch with them for any queries they need even if he is out of country. He is a role model for the upcoming doctors. It is a real blessing to have such a nice person around us. May he be blessed with abundant knowledge and everlasting happiness. A great doctor in all. Thank a lot Dr Moin for all that you have done for me.
    jamshida naseem
  • pragathi das
    Dr moinuddin is one of the best bariartic surgeon in bangalore....I'm really destined to hav met him and got my sleeve surgery done by him...He's very friendly and very patient to answer to all our problems before and after surgery...that is wat patients expect....If anyone looking out for bariartic surgery then dr moinuddin is the one for u...
    pragathi das
  • Minu R713
    I had undergone gastric sleeve surgery on 1st feb, wanted to write a review after couple of weeks to see how things go, so i can give a genuine review. So here it is. I had consulted couple of doctors. Dr moinoddin is the one i chose, He is a young chap with a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of bariatcic surgery. His confidence is quite assuring and my mother was very pleased with his attitude and felt peaceful that he was going to do the surgery for me. i might also add, he has many patients, a very busy man but the wait is worthed. He does make a good effort to update himself regards to the bariatcic surgeries and new procedures. he also does surgeries in many different countries. Day of the surgery he made me feel very comfortable. I hardly have a scar, it was a single incision, he did a pretty good job and i went through no pain (not kidding). A very good doctor, very happy with the surgery and the support i got from him. He cares a lot about his patients and keeps in touch with them and helps them out with their queries. He has a whatsapp support group which is very helpful. i found that impressive that he cares about his patients even after they leave. He is very approachable and has a ready to help attitude. I am so happy i chose him for the surgery. Thank you doc.
    Minu R713
  • Shakeeb A Syed
    If your looking for anything concerning bariatric, you cannot miss Dr. Moin. He's one of the best. Apart from his surgical skills, he is empathetic, caring & his approach to the issue is remarkable. Correct Diagnosis solves half the problems. You've got to visit him to experience this. He explained to us the issue, the complete treatment graph for my MIL & everything what was included in the package. And everything indeed was taken care as committed. She is recovering very well now. A great doctor all in all. Thanks a lot.
    Shakeeb A Syed
  • Meghana Anand
    Dr. Moinuddin is one of the best doctors in his field. He is very friendly and approachable. He made me feel very comfortable before,during and after the surgery. Everything went really smooth and even after the surgery there were no complications at all. It's been a week or so and I already feel the difference in my body.
    Meghana Anand
  • Tashi Lhamo
    The best doctors I have ever seen n docs have boosted the courage in me to live a life which I always wished for the first whole credit goes to young, handsome most important experience DR.Moinoddin !! Totally happy...!!! Bless you doc😊😊
    Tashi Lhamo
  • Javairia Nousheen
    For such a young age, Dr. Moinuddin is quite accomplished. He's very well versed and renowned among his peers, and he makes sure that he is always updated with the advancements of the technology related to his specialty. Apart from his professional qualifications which in itself are very profound, personally too he maintains a calm and composed persona which is assuring to his patients. He remains accessible to his patients at all times, and keeps in touch with them for any queries they may have.
    Javairia Nousheen
  • Mary Jacantha
    Most trustworthy, highly dedicated doctor, I underwent for complicated surgery( Whipple) most of the senior doctors refused to do the surgery but Dr.moinoddin did this surgery successfully. I am alive now is only because of God Grace and Dr.Moinoddin, he is a Miraculous doctor. Thank you so much Doctor.....
    Mary Jacantha



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